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IsraelLINK Classroom is a pioneering, interactive, learner-centered Israel educational platform designed for use in Jewish day schools and supplementary middle school programs. Consisting of a series of flexible and integrated modules, the platform is designed to enable students to discover their unique Israel connection. Through experiential and project-based learning, educational games, and first-person videos, students will discover an Israel whose actions are informed by Jewish values while being encouraged to use critical thinking to understand Israel as an evolving nation. This relational approach reflects the best of what matters to today’s students. It provides them an opportunity to be inspired by, identify with, and connect to an ancient, extremely new, and constantly evolving Land of Israel.

Essential Questions

  1. What is the Jewish people’s historic connection to the Land of Israel?

  2. What is each student’s personal connection to Israel?

  3. How do beliefs, culture or values influence the makeup of a society?

  4. How do Jewish values inform Israel’s global contributions?

  5. How does knowledge lead to action?

  6. How can seeing the “other” as an individual lead to change?

  7. How does respectful dialogue advance understanding?


  1. Online – accessible everywhere via web browser

  2. Responsive design – view fits any device dimension

  3. Secure – emphasis on privacy and security

  4. Friendly – clear and clean design

  5. Reporting capability – track student participation and progress


  1. Students will trace a continuous Jewish presence in the Land of Israel.

  2. Students will have an understanding of the challenges Israel faces due to its size and geographic location.

  3. Students will distinguish Israel as a diverse society of both Jews and non-Jews of different ethnicities, religions, races and countries of origin. Students will discover how Israel’s values reflect its humanitarian aid and relief efforts at home and around the world.

  4. Students will gain knowledge of Israel’s various achievements in technology and innovation.

  5. Students will develop their own Israel Value statement which will represent their own unique connection to Israel.

  6. Students will understand that seeing the “other” as an individual can lead to a change in perception.

  7. Students will be able to differentiate between legitimate criticism of Israel and antisemitism.

  8. Students will be able to engage in a respectful dialogue on complex issues.



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