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Networking Group


2:00 pm • Los Angeles

Join local Jewish educators for an afternoon of ideas, inspiration, and thought-provoking discussions to equip you with new tools and resources for your classroom.

You are invited as our guests to the StandWithUs annual International Conference! 


We will come together to hear from two exciting presenters who will provide you with content and context to bring to your practice and enrich your students' understanding. Following the presentations, get ready for some fun and an opportunity to share with each other what everyone is working on and where support is needed.

For questions, contact Michelle Geft at


From Hater to Ally

Join us as Hussein Aboubakr shares his inspiring story of transformation from indoctrinated Jew-hater to critical thinker. There will be a conversation on how Hussein’s journey can influence understanding and perspective for your learners and encourage them to “think beyond the noise.” 
Hussein Aboubakr is an Egyptian-born author and political refugee who was persecuted for his research at the Israeli Academic Center of Cairo. He participated in the Egyptian revolution and later fled the country. He recently received his master's degree at George Washington University's Elliott School of International Affairs and is the author of the autobiography Minority of One, which recounts his life in Egypt.

Israel in An Hour

Context is everything. Understanding the historical narratives that inform the complexity of Israel today can help your students frame current events and put them into perspective. Hear from StandWithUs Senior Educator Charlotte Korchak, who distills thousands of years of Jewish history in a clear, concise, and balanced way, enhancing your ability to provide a 40,000 ft view of Israel that your students need to make informed decisions. Come prepared with your questions. 
Charlotte Korchak grew up in both the United States and Israel, spending her formative years living in Jerusalem during the second intifada, giving her an internal and external perspective on Israel and the conflict. She graduated with a BA in Middle Eastern history from the University of Southern California. In her role as StandWithUs Senior Educator, Charlotte presents to 40,000 students a year from nearly every continent and has quickly become one of the foremost public speakers in the field of Israel education. 
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Putting the "FUN" in Fundamentals 

Join Michelle and Mina as we educate through gameplay. We will play a rousing round of our new game, B'Seder, explore the David Ben Gurion Digital Escape Room, reconnect with Kesher, and hear about our latest educational game, YESH KESHER! We will also use this time to hear from you, and you’ll have the opportunity to share your classroom tips and strategies with your colleagues. 

Mina has a master's degree in education and a certification in Israel education from George Washington University. After working in Jewish education for over a decade, she joined the staff of StandWithUs. Mina created the IsraelLINK program to address the disaffection between Jewish youth and Israel and works with a team of educators to continue developing and adapting the program. Mina feels fortunate to be at the forefront of Israel education and to devote her time working on her passion project, IsraelLINK. 



Michelle holds a master’s degree in education and has taught for over two decades. She is the religious school director at Malibu Jewish Center & Synagogue and teaches in various scholastic settings. Michelle is the author of several educational books on reading, reciting, and writing Hebrew, as well as L'Chaim! The Jewish Holidays in Rhyme. 

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