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Hannah Rabin

Associate Director

(657) 284-5901

Hannah Rabin joined the IsraelLINK team with a strong background and passion for education. After receiving a bachelor’s in education with an emphasis in English and teaching credentials, Hannah moved to Israel to teach English at the Bialik-Rogozin School in South Tel Aviv. In addition to serving Israeli children from marginalized communities, Bialik-Rogozin provides quality education to immigrant, migrant, and refugee children from various cultural, national, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. After moving back to Los Angeles, Hannah taught 4th grade in the inner-city before starting with the IsraelLINK team. Her diverse experience and passion for Israel make her the perfect fit for onboarding and supporting our IsraelLINK teachers. Hannah loves hiking with her husband and two dogs, baking, and visiting her family in Santa Barbara.

Favorite Israel Experience: Landing in Israel after making aliyah. I finally felt like I was home!

Favorite IsraelLINK lesson: Innovation and Technology. I love learning about all the great ways Israel has contributed to the world!

Hannah Rabin
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