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Jessie Katz

Director of Program Expansion

Jessie is known as the go-to person when you want an accurate answer. She brings a proactive approach, in conjunction with her experiences across the nonprofit and corporate fields, to IsraelLINK to expand program enrollment across the country.

Jessie is dedicated to making the world healthier and more sustainable. She coordinates a 100+ family community-supported agriculture (CSA), is redesigning a local park, and frequently chairs charitable events. As much as Jessie likes being home, she is happiest when traveling (or in the process of planning a trip!).

Jessie studied family and human development at Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University, and holds a master’s degree in social work from New York University. She studied in Israel and staffed numerous Birthright Israel trips. A Boston native, Jessie now lives in Stamford, Connecticut, with her husband Ilan and four children, Eliana, Bara, Kaia, and Ziv.

Favorite Israel Experience: On a communal level: nearly every moment of sharing and educating young adults on their first trips to Israel through Birthright. On a family level: spending quality time with the incredible Israeli family members I acquired through marriage! On a friend level: a long and memorable day with a few close friends traversing the north, visiting Gan HaShlosha (Sachne) and Gan Garoo. On a foodie level: cherishing one-on-one dates with people I love at Tmol Shilshom cafe in Jerusalem.

Favorite IsraelLINK lesson: My favorite lesson is Complex Conversations because it brings students and educators directly to the table to learn about and address complex, controversial topics in an educated, authentic way.

Jessie Katz
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