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Michelle Geft

California, PNW, & Noncontiguous US

(213) 893-8399

Michelle holds a master’s degree in education and has been teaching for over two decades. She is the Director of the Religious School at Malibu Jewish Center & Synagogue and teaches in various scholastic settings. Born in Israel, Michelle has been connected to the land and the Hebrew language her entire life. Being an artist, she finds creative ways to teach and thoroughly enjoys the “art” of pedagogy. After courting IsraelLINK since 2019, she is honored to have joined the IsraelLINK team in August 2021.

When she’s not teaching or working on her many resources, Michelle enjoys being with her husband and two sons—although one is off to college (go Badgers!). She also finds time to surf, run, paint, sit at the pottery wheel, make jewelry, and be with family and friends.

Favorite Israel Experience: There are too many to mention, but my passion is archaeology; my experiences with digging and conservation of Israel's history are probably the most fulfilling experiences I get to have every year.

IsraelLINK lesson: This is not a fair question because I love them all! Perhaps ARM (the third activity in Complex Conversations Unit) because I love having it in my toolbox for defending Israel and discussing any other topic I find worthy of defending.

Michelle Geft
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