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Zoe Burstyn

Education Specialist
Region: Pacific Northwest

(206) 686-5844

Zoe is an educator with almost two decades of experience teaching executive functioning skills to students of all ages and abilities in both classroom settings and one-on-one. She has taught at middle schools, high schools, and universities and coached state and national award-winning competitive debate teams. She also has extensive experience developing and delivering professional development content for educators. Deeply concerned with the rise of casually accepted antisemitism in education, Zoe joined StandWithUs in 2021. She is passionate about fostering the development of critical thinking skills and teaching her students to identify, understand, and respond to antisemitism. Her motto is “the questions are the content.”

Favorite Israel Experience: Spending time with my family. My father is Israeli, so I have a wonderful horde of cousins spread out all over the country. I don’t see them enough, but I treasure our time together.

Favorite IsraelLINK lesson: Complex Conversations. I love having them, but in all seriousness, this unit does a fantastic job balancing the need to critically examine arguments with having empathy for differing positions. The world would be a much better place if we all took the lessons here to heart!

Zoe Burstyn
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