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Letter Writing Project

The IsraelLINK Team is embarking on a mission to Israel, and we are excited to invite you and your students to participate in this meaningful initiative. We believe in the power of heartfelt messages to bring comfort and support to those facing challenging times.

We kindly ask your students to create handwritten letters or cards of encouragement and healing for the following recipients in Israel:

  • Displaced Families

  • Wounded Soldiers

  • Active Duty IDF Soldiers

Project Instructions

  1. Please organize your students’ letters and cards into rubberbanded bundles based on the above-designated categories.

  2. To ensure timely delivery, all letters must be postmarked by February 9.

  3. Once you have mailed your letters and cards, please notify us to expect them by emailing

Mailing Instructions

IsraelLINK ℅ StandWithUs

P.O. Box 341069

Los Angeles, CA 90034-1069

IsraelLINK Mail Service.png

Click Image for Printable Instructions

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