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Mina Rush

National Director & Creator of IsraelLINK

(424) 320-5266

Mina holds a master’s degree in education with a master’s certification in Israel education from George Washington University. The ongoing story of the Jewish people and Israel continues to inspire her personal and professional life. After more than a decade in Jewish education, she became the Director of Outreach for Jewish World Watch, where she built a community and a movement across political and religious lines using experiential education as a tool for engagement. Motivated to change the trend of disaffection between Jewish youth and Israel, she joined the staff of StandWithUs in 2015, where she began developing the IsraelLINK program. Working with her team of exemplary educators, IsraelLINK continues to evolve and adapt, remaining ever-relevant and evergreen. Mina is grateful she has the privilege of working on her passion project every day. Her greatest source of joy comes from her marriage to Jordan, their children Tzvia (Josh), Atara (Jason), Harel (Ariella), Penina, and adorable grandchildren Micah, Tory, Jaron, and Liv!

Favorite Israel Experience: There are too many to mention. If I choose only one, I’m likely to have my husband or one of my four kids mad at me, but if you ask me privately, I’ll be happy to share it with you!

Favorite IsraelLINK lesson: Before coming to StandWithUs, I worked in the Jewish social justice space, so our Jewish Values in Action unit resonates with me.

Mina Rush
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