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Sarah Weiss-Poland

Southeast, Southwest, & Caribbean

Sarah Weiss-Poland, a native New Yorker, is a master Jewish educator, curriculum artist, and ritual creator. She is proud to have earned a BA from Columbia University and a BA from the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS). After her first teaching job at the 92nd Street Y, Sarah decided to dedicate her career to Jewish education and soon received her master’s degree from the William Davidson School at JTS. Sarah, a granddaughter of a holocaust survivor, infused her passion for strengthening communities with her expertise as a Jewish educator, developing curricula, creating family programming, and earning awards and national recognition for innovation. Joining the staff of IsraelLINK in 2020 was a natural extension of her commitment to accessible Jewish education.

Sarah grew up singing and dancing and is a strong advocate for arts education. Sarah lives in the sixth borough of NYC—Boca Raton, FL—with her three children and Pomeranian, Penny.

Favorite Israel Experience: While staffing a group of 8th graders, I had to be carried down a steep step by one of the boys during our Mount Arbel hike—I was petrified, but he saved me!

Favorite IsraelLINK lesson: The Land and Its People speaks to me because students get to experience Israel through a new lens.

Sarah Weiss-Poland
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